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Israel Netball

In 1999 a few players (mainly ex-pats and their daughters) got together to play netball on a basketball court in Ra’anana. Although the number of Israeli players has increased significantly since then, netball is still virtually unknown in Israel. However, the dedicated efforts of all Israel Netball’s members resulted in the creation of a number of clubs around the country and a senior league that was established in 2009. Ten years later a junior league boasting nine teams followed.


Despite the lack of official recognition and of resources, Israel Netball has chalked up an impressive list of successes in its relatively short history. These include:

·       Hosting of the hugely successful netball tournaments of the 4-yearly Maccabiah for both junior and senior teams since 2001. Like many international events, the Maccabiah of 2021 was postponed and was held instead in summer 2022. For the first time Israel Netball welcomed teams for four categories instead of two: Master and Senior teams as well as U16 and U18 teams.

·       Full membership of Europe Netball and World Netball since 2012.

·       Participation in various EN events from 2006-2019 and in the World Youth Championships held in Glasgow in 2013.


Covid prevented Israel Netball from taking part in the Europe Netball Open Challenge in 2020 and 2021 but did send a team to the Isle of Man in May 2022 when they achieved their first international win against Switzerland.

Israel Netball is constantly taking steps to raise awareness of the game and, with many ambitious plans waiting to be fulfilled, is looking forward to an increasingly exciting future.

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