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Level 2 Coaching

With the support of Netball Scotland, 16 learner coaches from UAE, Switzerland, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Isle of Man and Gibraltar will start their Level 2 Award Course in January 2023.

The Level 2 course is perfect for those who have been an active coach in Netball for a minimum of 2 years, or have a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Netball. After you are qualified you will be able to prepare for, deliver as a lead coach and review coaching session(s). This will normally be a series of 6-10 coaching sessions in any one sequence.  All resources for courses are available online and once signed up you will receive access to these 1 week prior to course start date.

Criteria for direct entry onto the Level 2 is as follows: 

- Secondary PE Teacher and Netball Lead within the School.

High level of Performance experience. 

- Have a valid Level 1 Certificate in another sport.

- Any other relevant experience Netball Scotland may ask for a reference to verify the individuals level of coaching.

Qualification Overview: This qualification prepares learners for employment as a netball coach. A Level 2 netball coach is able to plan, deliver and evaluate a series of linked and progressive netball coaching sessions working independently, although they may work as part of a larger coaching team.


Progression Opportunities: Successful learners will be able to seek employment as a netball coach, either working independently, or as part of a larger coaching team. Alternatively, following a period of coaching practice, learners could progress onto the Europe Netball Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Coaching Netball.


Age: 18+

Total Qualification Time: 121 hours

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