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Our Successes & Updates

APPOINTMENTS: Three European Umpires and UAP appointed from Europe for Trinbago 2023!

Three of our European umpires (Louise Cole, Rhian Edwards and James Thomas) and Judith Groves as UAP were out in Tobago for the Commonwealth Youth Games!

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APPOINTMENTS: Four European Umpires and two UAP appointed from Europe for 2023 Netball World Cup!

Four of our European umpires (Kate Mann, Louise Travis, Gary Burgess and Alison Harrison) and Heather Gleadall and Anne Abraitis  as UAP were out in Cape Town for the 2023 World Cup!

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International Umpires Award


Alison Harrison (Wales)

Gary Burgess (England)

James Thomas (England)

Kate Mann (England)

Louise Travis (England)

Rhian Edwards (Wales)

International Talent Identified Umpires (ITID)

 Farrah Jaura (England)

Jenny Fissenden (England)

Lizzie Saywell (England)

Louise Cole (England)

Natalie Gregan (England)

Nadine Pardo-Zammit (Gibraltar)

Rachael Radford (England)

Gillian Leslie (Scotland)


World Netball Umpire Appointments Panel (UAP) and International Testing Panel  (ITP)
Anne Abraitis (Scotland)

Cheryl Danson (England)

Heather Gleadall (England)

Judith Groves (England)

Margaret Deighan (England)

Chair of World Netball Rules Advisory Panel (RAP)

Cheryl Danson (England)


Officiating Updates

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