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Games-Based Coaching Accreditation

Start with the End Point in Mind

Register your interest for one of the first Game-based Coaching Accredited Courses, ‘Start with the End Point in Mind’.


This course will explore coach leadership techniques and pedagogy, with a deep dive into what it means to facilitate in a truly games-based way, increasing your understanding of the role of the coach in games-based delivery, as well as ideas for modifications to practices.

This course is for all coaches who are keen to enhance their knowledge and expertise in delivering innovative coaching sessions. It will seek to challenge your delivery, ensuring practices and learning activities are netball specific and engage athletes in decision training and solution finding activities.


This course will equip you and elevate your confidence to lead the way in your club or academy to deliver coaching sessions which are truly person-centred,


Upcoming Course:

  • There will be a 30min introductory session available which will provide further information on the content of this course, this session will be available to access live and recorded, available to listen to before payment.

  • Course Structure: 6x2 hour Zoom sessions

  • Course Dates: To be confirmed, starting October 2024

  • Course Cost: £160

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