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UAE Netball

Netball has been played in the United Arab Emirates for over 40 years. Active Netball launched in 2010 to bring new and exciting leagues as well as a coaching structure outside of school netball. This has seen the growth and development of clubs and pathways that further enhance the provision of
To progress as a sport and to provide more opportunities for our community, a decision was made in 2017 to create a National Governing Body and since 2018 UAE Netball has been a member of Europe Netball and World Netball.
This affiliation has earned us the right to compete on the International Stage for the first time at U17 & Open (Senior) levels. There are 44 countries listed in the World Netball world rankings.
In just 6 competitions we have won 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals and are now ranked 25th in the world.
UAE Netball is a voluntary organisation working in collaboration with Active Netball to deliver netball for all ages and abilities. We are set to expand international exposure for our National squads and to bring International competition to the UAE.


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